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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 9, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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he's from colorado springs, colorado and worked for the none profit, to train afghans afghand provide free medical care. two of has colleagues were also taken at gunpoint, but they were released. >> amazing news this morning, as we start a brand brand hour inside america's news headquarters, the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, ordering the rescue mission, as soon as intelligence showed that the doctor was in imminent danger. peter doocy is live in washington with more. >> reporter: we are told, dr. joseph is undergoing medical evaluation, but the nonprofit organization he works for, morning star development, says the doctor was reported to be in good condition and is uninjured. on wednesday, december 5, dr. joseph was driving back from a visit to a rural medical clinic in the eastern kabul province when he was abducted by
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taliban insurgent who is held him and two others captive, 50 miles or so from the border of pakistan. general john allen says the mission exemplifies our unwaiverring commitment to defeating the taliban. i am proud of the american and afghan forces that planned and conducted this operation. thanks to them, dr. joseph will be rejoining his fam low and loved one. morning star development says dr. joseph will be returning to his home in colorado springs within the next few days. he has been a medical adviser for morning star the last 3 years. he makes frequent trips to afghanistan. and we found a video online this morning, where dr. joseph describes his mission. >> in doing community development, we are really hoping we can instill hope interest a country dealing with conflict over the last 30 years. >> the two men who were abducted with dr. joseph were released 11
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hours before this rescue mission, a mission general allen says he ordered when the intelligence showed the doctor was in imminent danger of injury or death. >> jamie: peter, thank you. >> eric: now to the other top story. brand-new reaction as the clock is ticking for lawmakers to pull our nation back from the fiscal cliff. they got the year-end deadline. but there is little report on progress and negotiations between the white house president is republicans. but now, top lawmakers are laying out what they say could be the issues they could budge on. national correspondent jerramy e centanni is live with the latest on the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: there is no deal yet. no negotiations, face to face, but one republican is giving ground this morning on a major stumbling block. and that's the tax rates for the wealthy. and a key democrat expressing
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optimism. here's the two side, moving a bit closer together on "fox news sunday." let's listen. >> i think we will get an agreement. the reason i think we will get an agreement. what's standing in the way is revenues, particularly making that top rate go up to 39-6. but i think we are seeing real progress. i think you will see our republican colleague, reluctantly say let's go up to 39-6. >> a lot of people are saying, give the president the 2% increase he's talking about, the rate increase on the top 2%. so there is a growing body. i am beginning to believe that's the best route for us to take. >> reporter: saying, go ahead give the president the tax increase on the highest 2% of wage earners. but house speaker and john boehner have not sat down for
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negotiations. even though corker is saying there is growing sentiment to accept the president's tax rate on the wealthy, many republican, of course, still adamantly opposed to any tax hike. they could give the peeker a very tough time in the house if that were the ultimate compromise. the president continues to insist there is no deal without that tax hike on the wealthy. he said yesterday, he's willing to work with republicans on a comprehensive plan. all they need to do is to sit down and hammer that out. so far, that hasn't happened. we are all waiting. >> 23 days to we will see if they do that. some are asking exactly how bad will the automatic tax increases and spending cuts actually be? this morning, democratic senator charles schumer said it would be terrible. others predict tell actually be what this nation needs to begin to rein in government spending. will it? joining us is a former
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republican campaign manager and aide to the g.o.p. leadership. welcome. if this kicks in, in 23 days, will it be so dire or will it be the first step to budget reform? >> well, eric, i think the best thing that can happen for this nation in the long run is that we go over the fiscal cliff. will continue painful? yes, very painful. but i think that that is a pain -- it is only that pain that can hold these elected officials accountable and to act for responsibly. the reality is that, i have worked in in town 20 years, politics rules the day. the dose of reality, the pain, shut down of maybe -- shut down of the government services and operations. that type of pain, i think is the only thing that is going to, in the long run, get these folks in town to make sure this doesn't happen again and to act
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responsibly. as you said at the kickoff of this show, to really kind of look at these government programs and see if they are really necessary. >> you are talking about thousands and thens of government job, agencies going out of business, at least temporarily, economists saying if this doesn't kick in, we could go into a recession. >> it's time for bad-tasting medicine for this nation. the election is over. but have you a president that thinks he has the moral high ground, as a result of the election on the tax issue. and you have the republicans that have an identity crisis and are ignorant. we need to walk away, the extreme wings of both parties ad have reasonable people sit down, realize what the pain really is and what it will do and start solving problems. >> do you think this is the medicine that the federal budget needs? >> no! i think the republicans need to concede and allow the tax rates on the top 2% to go up to 39.6%. on november 6, americans voted
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to have those tax rates go up. that was the difference between mitt romney's plan and the president's plan. americans have spoken. while the house, you know, is still controlled by republicans, the senate and the white house are control bide democrats. and republicans need to make concessions in order to allow us not to go off the cliff. while that won't be the end of the world, we don't want to go off the cliff and have the stock market plumet and taxes go up on middle-class families by over $2,000 -- >> eric, let me respond to that. first of all, i think it's a shame that gee is talking politics because that's the problem. that's the sort of the problem. the president didn't get a mandate. yes, he won the election, he is the president of the united states. but there is no mandate on any particular issue. it was a close election. the country is very divided. both the speakert and president are heavily influenced by the extreme wings of their parties.
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autoit's both of them are. the only way to exit politics is do go over the cliff-- look, the republicans did keep the house. >> yes. actually, a majority of americans voted for a democratic house, but because of gerrymandering, it stayed in control of republicans. but the polling shows that a majority of americans would blame republicans if we went over the cliff. maybe speaker john boehner needs to get his house in order because he will be blamed. >> eric: let's talk about what the americans care about, not the politics, dealing with the spending. the spenning, they would say, is out of control. let's take a look at what happened this past two months noctober and november... the deficit, almost $300 billion, $4.8 billion a day. they had $30 billion in revenue.
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but the spending is up 3 times that much, $87 billion. how do woe stop the out-of- control spending? how can we get the budget deficit under control? can we do that for our children and grandchildren? >> we don't cut back on medicare and social security benefits that impact middle-class and working families. we start with the rich. that's what the voters wanted. they don't want -- middle-class families like mine, they don't want to see their taxes go up $2200 after january 1. they want to keep the tax deductions that they have and allow for people who can afford it to pay down some of this debt and deficit-- trey -- [overlapping dialogue] >> eric: how do we pay this down? >> eric, what you are hearing is very unfortunate because you asked her a specific question about cutting spending,
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democrats will not talk about it. she won't talk about it right now. -- that's not my question. how do we stop the spending? >> how we stop the spenning is to over the dlif and have a dose of reality and feel the pain here. it's the only way it's going to happen. the american people should have zero confidence in the elected officials solving problems until there is real change. >> eric: that's the last word. we are facing it. speaking of zero confidence in elected officials, is that true? coming up, we will talk -- >> thank you. >> eric: we will talk with tim murphy. republican of pennsylvania, congressman. he will fill us in on what he thinks needs to be done to try to get our spending and the deficit and the budget and the economy all back in order. >> jamie: oversea, tensions rising in egypt.
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president muhammad morsi has refused to delay a referendum on a new constitution he's proposing, prompting the opposition to call for more protested it, follow it would go weeks of violent demonstrations. on friday, protesters stormed the presidential palace. take a electric at this. scenes reminiscent of the days that hosni mubarak was ousted from power. what is next. major bob scales is a military analyst. general, great to see you. >> good to see you. as we look at this and we see the military there was laying low for a while. now they are popping their heads up, saying dialogue, dialogue or catastrophe. can you see a situation where they try to take over? >> i see a situation where the military acts as an intermediary, if you will. remember, to this day, the most respected institution in egypt is the army.
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recall that most of the rulers in the last 50 years have been military people, like nasr, mubarak, an air force fighter pilot. the egyptian people don't blame the military for the excesses over the last two years, they generally blame the police and the intelligence services. so this institution is the one that is -- is viewed as a political make-way, if this situation remains unresolved in egypt. and i might add that the egyptian military has a very strong relationship with the united states. it is not just the money. it is also the hundreds of egyptian senior officer who is had attended our schools. >> so in many way, the egyptian army could be the force of stability in egypt. >> as they guarded the presidential palace in the protests right here, they allowed the protesters to cross their line and get right up to
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the gate. i don't know if that's expressing their opinion about morsi, but do you see muhammad moshingsi as a risk to our country and our relationship? >> hard to say. i think he understands manage about the balance of power between the -- you know, the liberal side and the army being the other three legs of this stool. but let's not kid ourselves, morsi's going to win this. he is going to win the constitutional battle. he is going to maintain himself in power. and so, one of the ways that we can ensure some sort of american influence over morsi is to continue to maintain our long-standing, intimate relationships with the military. the military will be there back-stopping, if you will, this administration, regardless of who comes out with the power on the other end of these -- of this unrest in egypt. >> jamie: hindsight's 20/20. when you see the egyptian people -- many of them are
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fleeing -- those who want to, for example, practice christianity. when you see them rioting, that's not what they expected to get when mubarak left. was it worth the effort, do you see the people protected enough by the military? >> it's interesting, jamie. not just with egypt, but with many arab countries. the surest way to maintain staiblght is to have a period of calm. oftentime, moderated by the military, sometimes by other political groups. i think one of the problems in egypt is the shock effect of going from a tyrant to an election without a cooling-off period, if you will. in the past, over the past 50, 60 years, it's been the egyptian army, maintaining stability while the ejaiptians sort this out. all of this seems to be sorted out in the streets, which is not good news for the future of egypt. >> jamie: does the army have the
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stability and the funding, with our help or without to get the job done? >> that's a great question. remember, morsi got rid of the top layer of the mubarak-era generals. they faded into the night with great dignity. the egyptian people know that. so there is a sense in egypt that this is morsi's military. that gives him more credibility. if he has to rely on the military to maintain the stability, the consensus is that the military will go with morsi, jamie. >> jamie: it's interesting, when the one example of storming the palace seemed like they might be fighting against morsi, we'll see both sides are protesting there. great to see you. >> thank you. >> jamie: eric. >> eric: jamie, venezuelan president chavez preparing for a new battle, his cancer has returned. for the first time, he is asking his country to consider a possible successor.
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he had to undergo several cancer treatments. some medical experts don't think, reportedly, he can be cured. we go to the newsroom with the latest on chavez epees' condition. >> reporter: in the televised announcement last night, president chavez referring to the surgeries he needs as a new surgical intervention, telling the people of venezuela, he would be heading back to cuba today for treatment. amid controversy, he was re-leaked in october to a third tirm, after a tough battle with the opposition party candidate. and there was a veil of silence over the condition of his health, leading up to that election. however, his broadcast last night, confirmed the suspicions of many, that his cancer had returned. speaking to a national audience, chavez admitted, if his health deteriorates further, his successor, vice-presidentma
11:17 am
meduro would take over. hes he gave details about tests that indicated malignant cells in the same areas where previous tumors had been removed and he would undergo surgery in cuba in the coming days am since he took over in venezuela, his country had taken on a steady anti-american tone. he developed friendships with some of the world's worst dictator, seeking to stop u.s. influence in the region. >> internationally, he has been a real trouble-makener latin america, threatening the fragile democracies of this hemisphere, teaming up with iran and rushia. i think most of latin america and certainly the united states will say, good riddance when his administration is finished. >> reporter: at least publicly, he appears to be up for the continuing battle with capser, telling his people, quote, with god's will, like on the previous occasion, we will come out of this victorious.
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vicomplete faith in that. end quote. >> eric: thanks. jamie. >> jamie: tragedy striking the nfl, once again. this time, the cowboys. josh brent, facing manslaughter charges in the death of a teammate. we'll tell you what happened. >> eric: we are celebrating 40 years since the last manned mission to the moon. coming up, rusty schicart from apollo 9. we will discuss what it was like to go up there. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own
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>> feel like you are paying too much for your cable service? there are studies that show, it's gone up. rates have increased and they are rising faster than inflation. many of those bundles really are not such a great deal. is it time to cut the cord? we of going to let you keep cable and help you get a better
11:23 am
deal. we have a reporter for smart money dot-com who, is take egg really hard look at the topic. thanks for joining us and helping us out. >> great to be here. >> i bet you everybody feels like they are paying too much. you really looked into this. it has gone up 5% in 2011, more than inflation. why does it cost so much? >> you are right. a lot of of people hate their cable companies and the price increases have a lot to do with it. there are a lot of factors, but even though we are getting more options from satellite and phone companies, a lot of people only have one option for a cable provider, depending on where they live. that lack of competition or that mild competition really contributes to the higher prices. >> once you are with the cable company, do you have a better argument to get the price reduced? and you see the promos from the new customers -- how do you get those? >> the long-term customer who is
11:24 am
never pick up the phone pay the most. if you call and tell them you are considering a competing offer from another phone company or provider, if it's available to you, they will actually try to keep you. they know, cable companies know once they lose a customer, it's really hard to get you back. and actually, it is cheaper for them to keep the customers they have than it is to try to bring on somebody new. >> that's interesting, in terms of marketing costs and installation. here's the question. the big charges are when you want the movie channels of they do this bundling. >> yes. >> jamie: if you have the cable stations you want, like the fantastic fox newschannel and you want to add those, does it cost the cable company that much more to add mony? isn't at this time flick of a switch? what negotiating power do we have? >> so, what's going on, the ndo have more power, more leverage. you know, just the fact that there are a couple more options
11:25 am
with satellite and phone companies, that means they can say, we are going to work this provider and want with this provider. the fact they can say that, it gives them the leverage to charge more when it comes to subscription fees. that's when we start -- those costs are going up and that's leading to higher costs for cop sumers. >> jamie: should we buy the bund lipping? is there another structure? we want cable. but we don't understand the fees. >> right. sometimes you can save by bundling, especially when you are getting the multiple services like phone, cable and internet for the same provider. the way that it works, they will give you a steep discount on the second service and steeper discount on the third service. so that makes it difficult to have one thing, versus the other. if you think, let me have internet and not cable, you might pay more in some cases than you were paying.
11:26 am
>> so we make the call, we tell them we are a good customer. we pretend we are going to leave and we get a bit of a discount. then what? they don't plast forever? do you call again? >> have you to keep calling. that's what i was told. you always want to try to have the rate being offered to the newest cost mer. i just spoke with someone earlier this year, he basic he cut his bill in half from $200 to $100, he had the whole package, dvr, hbo -- >> jamie: how did he do it? >> he went on twitter and tweet to the company that he was looking at canceling, the magic word is cancel. and they called him up they said no, we want to keep you and they were able to somehow give him the deal. >> jamie: cut in half, fan tastic.
11:27 am
we appreciate that you looked into this. folk who is want more can check out your article in smart money dot-com on the web site. thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: also, if you want to learn more on how to take charge on a number of consumer issue, go to, at the bottom of the main page is our link for our show and you can see the link to other take-charge consumer protection segments? >> you better get that fox newschannel on the package. >> jamie: you don't want to make the call on this one. but if you make the call, you can save a few dollars and get better take-in chinese food. >> eric: but the fox newschannel is priceless. coming up, the looming fiscal cliff. you know, it's part of our nation's financial problem. but what about the spenning? how do we get a handle on the growing $16 trillion deficit? coming up next, tim murphy of pennsylvania will be here to tell us what else the nation needs to do to get our economic house in order.
11:28 am
have you heard about that tragic situation, josh brent, cowboys defensive lineman? he faces charges after a car crash that killed one of his teammates? that's straight ahead. >> it's really unfortunate that that happened, making an everyday decision that can affect everything everybody's life. >> i am sure it will be difficult to move on. but i am sure they will bounce back and be able to come around. s my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> jamie: another sad story out of the,r of the nfl. a member of the dallas cowboys is facing manslaughter. josh brent was allegedly drunk and speeding during a car accident saturday morning that led to the death of his passenger and teammate jerry brown. casey stegele is live in arlington, texas. casey? >> reporter: yeah, today, josh brant is expected to bond out of jail. he has a bond hearing set later this morning. police believe that he was
11:33 am
driving drunk, late friday night, early saturday morning, which is why he has been charged with intoxication manslaughter. apparently, he was driving his vehicle, not far from cowboys stadium, about a few miles or so, when he was driving at a high rate of speed, according to the police report, his wheel hit a curb. he lost control, flipped and his vehicle caught fire. officers on the scene say that the cowboys' nose tackle then failed the field sobriety test, but his attorney now saying that road construction in the area maybe partially to blame. listen. >> anyone that's been here knows how much construction is going on on 114. it's hazardous. it is not well lit at night. it is difficult to see. i have done tyou don't see these things. it is changing. it is not as if you know it thursday night and it's the same on friday night t. seems to change on an almost daily basis.
11:34 am
>> reporter: jerry brown died at an area hospital. he played ball with the indianapolis colts before joining the cowboys practice squad in october as a linebacker. he and josh brent played together in college. josh brent releasing a statement from his issue agent from, jail, it reads in part, i'm devastated and filled with grief. filled with grief for the loss of my close friend and teammate. josh brent, by the way, was arrested in illinois for dwu in 2009. today, the cowboys are playing the since mattie bengals in cincinnati. there will be a moment of silence at the game. >> jamie: understood. live at the stadium for us. eric? as we have been reporting all morning, it is stare-down time in washington. president obama and the democrats, versus the house republicans and the so-called
11:35 am
fiscal live. after weeks of negotiations, publicly, at least, talks have stalled, as the two sides have battled it out over tax hikes hs and entitlement reform. but what can be done about the nation's out-of-control spending. tim murphy is here now. chairman of the house oversight and investigations subcommittee for the energy and commerce committee. good to see you in person. welcome to new york. >> who do you think is going to blink? president obama says he wants the tax hikes to go up on the wealthy. >> we both better get together and come up with a solution. that's what the american family wants. all the other issues, we have to remember, it's what takes place, not at the 30,000 foot level, but at the kitchen table level. that's where the people are very concerned. will they have a job tomorrow? will their children have a job in the future? that means we have to deal with the deficit and the spending. we cannot continue to do this. the president's issue of
11:36 am
unlimited power to raise the deficit, whenever he wants is like taking the brakes off the car and hitting the accelerator as we are head to the cliff. the republicans have offer someday things to deal with the revenue. the president has. these are the discussions that go on and on. we have to solve that. >> eric: overall, the deficit, the spending, $16 trillion, it goes up and up and and up. it affects us, our children, our grandchildren. what do you see, realistically, happening? is there any way that the spending can be slowed down without maybe throwing us into a recession? >> well, the spending can be slowed down, particularly with regard to government spending. over the last might have months, when you look at the upward swing and the improvement in people being hired, 73%, according to the department of labor, 73% of the new jobs is the federal government, state government and local government. we want to see it in the private sector, that's where the private
11:37 am
sector is worried. this is where people go to work every day. that's where they are hoseitant. they are looking that the government has to stop spending because, a big part of our increased spending is payment off the debt. people know that's going to continue to hurt families. >> eric: do you think we can pay off the debt? >> it's a matter -- let's say the proposal that speaker boehner has said we want to deal with with the entitlements and the deductions. you can have, whatever tax rate you want, but if you can deduct and end up with a low tax rate, i think it's a reasonable thing to say, look, we recognize the loopholes loopholes and deductions here, we ought to close that off. not the charitable deduction it's. >> eric: house mortgages. a lotted of people rely on deducting the mortgage. do you think there should be a limit. >> it could be an annual cp cap. so if you have twoo threer
11:38 am
homes, you can't deduct that. you could setted a level for that. of course, the president is saying tax rates being tax rate, tax rates. he is trying to tap into the anger and angst of the election. if i have learned anything, if you get people to act out of anxietier and rage, you will make bad mistakes. what we have to look at is the issue of the deficit and the issue of getting people back to work. you know, when the president talks about, if we don't deal with the fiscal cliff, the average family will see their taxes go up $2,000 a year. in the last few years, their gasoline bill has increased $2500 a year. so we need to be dealing with the natural gas and the oil and the gasoline and the energy prices. >> not only a member of congress, a medical doctor and a psychiatrist. make you can get everybody on the couch. you mentioned taxes, taxes, taxes. here's an interesting take from robert robb. let me get your reaction to
11:39 am
this. he said, quote, what obama is trying to do is force republicans to finance, through higher taxes and increased borrowing, the size of the furthermore government obama thinks is appropriate. obama likes his government super sized. republicans in the house, undoubtedly won't and shouldn't agree to obama-level spending. after all, they were elected in 2010 to put the brakes on obama's spending and were returned to power. the democrats say, but the president won re-election, so, in your point of view who, is right? >> the president continued to talk about reducing the deficit. he is aware of this serious problem that is continuing to grow. we do i have a constitutional role to put the brakes on spending. it has to be done. everybody seems to get it in washington. >> eric: do you think there will be a deal? >> i think there will be a deal. >> eric: we have to do t. thank you, congressman tim murphy. >> jamie: thank you for joining us. well, the escalating political
11:40 am
conflict we lb have been telling but in egypt is sparking concerns over the religious implications. christian egyptians are packing up and leaving. why many say they may have no choice. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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>> the political crisis in egypt is spilling into our country. los angeles is seeing a sudden influx of christian egyptian, seeking asylum here in the united states. many in that religious minority says they have no other choice but to flee egypt. we are going outside the a church in los angeles. >> reporter: hi, there. an unprecedented flight of egyptian christians tos to thees united states, fearing for their lives and for their religion. the violence led by the muslim
11:45 am
brotherhood supporters began before the arab spring with attacks in christians. they are called cops. and the coptic community here is highly alarmed at the dictatorial palace of muhammad morsi, saying it will drive more cops out of of the country. 2011's bombing of a coptic church of alexandria. >> the number of churches burned down to the ground in the last 18 months is monumental. the number of cops killed randomly, on trains, worshipping. >> reporter: the u.s.-based coptic christian, many of whom are in california, hold regular prayers for fellow believers. the department of homeland reports a doubling of asylum seekers, many coptic christians.
11:46 am
>> you are talking about 8 million people, minimum, the numbers are probably double that. so it will be hard to see 8, steb, 12 million people, half of that emigrating or leaving. >> reporter: how many will end up in america? there is criticism of the obama administration and they feel it has been too muted in terms of the violence we see now and what the new government is doing to protect the minorities, such as the coptic christians. >> reporter: thank you. earlier in our program, 100,000 have fled, recently. so clearly, more are coming. thank you. >> jamie: we are celebrating the trail blazers of human space flight. it's been 40 years since the last mission to the moon, capping off an incredible run for the american space program. this is one of the original pioneer who is ventured into the unknown, rusty schwicart, he
11:47 am
sits down with us next. >> hipety, hopety, hipety, hopety, over the hill, land hill. da-da-da-da-da-da-da-dah. hipety hopety along. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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>> we have ignition, we have a liftoff. we have a liftoff and it's lighting up the areas in the daytime here at kennedy space center. it is moving off the pad. it is now cleared the tower. >> roger, tower. >> jamie: wow. 40 years since that historic scene. still, it's spell binding. apollo 17 blasting off the final mission that sent a man to walk on the moon. what is it like, risking everything to go into space? what is it going to be like, the next 40 years? we have asked a former astronaut. rusty, you were the pilot on the apollo 9 mission, the first man manned test flight of the lunar module. how are you? >> just fine, we are so happy to have you here. first of all, i ask any
11:52 am
astronaut, what was it like for you to be in space? >> well, it was a fantastic opportunity to be part of the history, that's a one-time thing, moving off the planet to our first neighbor, the moon, at that time, great moment in history. ive. >> jamie: as you look at the program now, what are your thoughts about space exploration of the future, the science experiments and such that we do on the international space station? are we in good shape to stay ahead of the curve? or do you think we are falling behind? >> no. i think we are way ahead of the curve. not only do we have the international space station, but there is a tremendous amount of private initiative that is going on in space now. it's a more exciting time. i think than i have ever seen in space. principally because we have private industry, i'm part of a nonprofit organization, putting a telescope into space. i mean, there is a tremendous
11:53 am
amount of individual initiative and private initiative that the u.s. is leading on. >> jamie: you are tracking asteroids. >> i have been working protecting the earth from asteroid impacts for 10 or 15 years. right now, we have developed the capability to deflect an asteroid, if it is heading for earth. what we are doing now is putting up a telescope in order to provide good, early morning. -- warning. so it's eye a very exciting time. we have private people, flying supplies back and forth to the international space station. a recent announcement that golden spike company will be offering rides to the moon for two people -- >> jamie: would you go back? [laughter] >> i am going to leave that to my grandchildren. that's the main point, jamie. the children. future should not be limited to and will not be limited to just
11:54 am
the land, you know, the sea and the air, the way we were when we were kids. space is their do main. >> jamie: i have had the privilege of watching a liftoff, you don't have to be a kid. it is even for us. and what we obtained from our exploration has really changed our world. what would you tell your grandchildren f. they watch this and hear about 17 and the astronauts that did so much on that mission, about what we have accomplished? >> well, of course you should always honor the past. we don't know where we are or where we are going without respecting and appreciating the past. and of course, this is the 40th anniversary or will be, very shortly of gene and jack schmitt's flight on apollo 17,
11:55 am
well past my 40th anniversary on apollo 9. but most of us are really interested in the future and what opportunities are going to be there for our grandchildren and kids in the future generations. that's a wide-open thing now. the new policies which support private initiative are really pioneering new capabilities and kids are going to be operating, being born, working and playing in space the way, you know, i did and my parents and grandparents did here on the ground. >> jamie: so hard to imagine. what a privilege to meet you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> jamie: as woe celebrate the look back at the space race, our own neil caveto took a look with the astronauts behind the giant leap for mankind. fly me to the moon, tonight at 9:00, right here-- say that again?
11:56 am
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